Tilly & Teddy's Birthday Photos

We all know I love getting photos taken of the kids, mostly its for me to look back on when I'm having one of 'those days', I catch a glimpse of their cuteness while I trudge them down the hallway to time out and I am reminded that time is SO short and each day they get a little older.

I also whip them out each birthday or special event and sit with a giant slab of cake myself and reminisce on how small they were and then proceed to pester Jimmy for 'Just one more'.

Photos last forever, as do most memories, although Jimmy will argue that I have already completely forgotten what its like to have a newborn and the daily breakdowns that happen (insert eye roll at Jimmy here), But in all seriousness, getting photos of the kids is the one thing I will always do and its for as much myself as it is for them and their future kids, because when my Grand kids come to my house one day they are going to see their Mummy or Daddy up on my wall looking cute as feck in a circus theme cake smash and love it.

The way that I love looking through old family albums and photos of my mum and dad and my sister and I dressed in matching green and purple tartan outfits at those old school family portraits with the 90's hair dos where we are looking at something magical in the distance just off to the right of the camera.... you know the photos im talking about.... if you don't I just completely showed my age...

Anywho I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, thank you to all the amazing small business that help to make this memory for me so pretty and a special thank you for my gal Sarah from Sarah B Photography for always being amazing and putting up with all my crazy.

Custom cake toppers by @toppersbytegan


Always with the sneaky product photo!
Handmade circus hat by @atgrannysplace : Custom handmade bunting by @toppersbytegan and our natural xylophone.


Penny Pram who is on sale for Tillys Birthday until Midnight tomorrow night and a sneak peek at one of our new wheelies from the coming soon transport series Vinny Van!

Tillys Dress by @tinytextiles Teddy roper by


More photos will be spammed during the next few weeks in the lead up to the kids circus theme birthday party on 17th and Teddys Birthday later in the month.

Dont forget to check out whats on sale in Tilly's birthday sale in the on sale section of the website! (did I say sale enough times?) ends Midnight tomorrow night.

So much love to you all, I'm off to nag Jimmy again for another wee baby because mine are getting so big (insert crying face here) #mumlife #foreverclucky #notcluckyfortoddlersthough

xo Karla xo