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LoveTildys Favourite Things

There is a massive, amazing handmade community out there, and this year I want to show you not only my products but also those of other stores that I love!

The idea came from product swaps, for those that don't know its when two small business contact each other and exchange products to the same value, like old school trading. The items I was swapping were just remarkable and my kids and shelves LOVED them. The feedback I was receiving was the same and that's when the idea hit me, why cant my customers experience this as well when they are buying from my store? Why cant they have my favourite things and my children's favourite things alongside my products?

And so LoveTildy's favourite things was developed! The stores that I have and will be listing over the year are stores that are tried and tested favourites in this home and handmaidens that are not only original but creative geniuses! They truly are my favourite things and I cannot wait to bring them into your homes along side my products and support those that most deserve it! 

First cabs off the rank are Love Eleven Wood Co. with a range of my favorite amazing wooden decor and Andi and Ollie with her beautiful hexagon blocks and abacus. We have SO many amazing (seriously amazing) store's to add over the coming months.

Enjoy your shopping!

xo Karla xo