Re-opening 22nd August for orders


Ahead is an emotional Karla rant. If you follow me on social media you know these little breakdowns are quite regular. If have yet to experience one, you’re in for an eye opening treat (not really, it’s just me being an emotional mess publically). Anyway I want to emotionally vomit all over you about community.

This community on instagram is amazing, I have just laid with the kids during nap time going through all of my tagged photos (my favourite thing to do by the way, highlight of my day is seeing your photos), and the amount of love my launch and Wheelies were shown last night left me speechless (well not quite as I am writing this rant) and once again I am a crying mess.

The love that I have for my 12 official brand reps is well beyond styled photos. The talent and appreciation I have for 7 special stylists that fly under the radar, so to speak (affectionately called my ninjas), is next level. And then the amazing ladies and business’s that I handpicked for this release based of their crazy amazing talents just exceeded my expectations tenfold.

That in its self is enough to bring me to tears, BUT last night went beyond that. It was the loyal customers, people I didn’t even know where customers and other Business’s that showed me love. That is what brought me to ugly cry level last night and today. This amazing online community of people who are REAL, kind, caring humans behind phones that showed me love.

When you put all of your energy, time, money and sanity into something you can only hope for it to be returned. Not only was it returned in the form of orders last night, it was returned in kindness. So THANK YOU, your kindness and support last night has meant more to me than you will know and it is not unnoticed or unappreciated by me.

Now if you excuse me I need to get myself together, eat my 100th Cornetto for the week and try and find some of my sanity before the babies wake up.



Xo Karla xo